2019 - MKT in Business

Our point

   of difference

We are experienced professionals, focused on enhancing your business marketing strategies

Reasons why you should have MKT in Business as a partner?

MKT in Business is a different kind of marketing and communications agency, that is focused on tailor-made solutions for small businesses and start-ups. We offer services of a high standard and excellent quality, while keeping in mind the financial reality of small businesses.

How do we do this? 

We don’t have physical offices. The MKT in Business teams work remotely, which reduces costs, reflected in the value of our proposals.


Who are our team of professionals? 

We have professionals from all over the world who have chosen to work autonomously with us. This enables MKT in Business to offer a team that is familiar with the characteristics and needs of each of our clients.


Why us and not a freelance marketer?

With MKT in Business you will have an account manager that will keep control of the overall and diverse marketing strategy so that you are free to focus on growing your business and not have to manage different professionals for each communication demand of your company.

Who is the account manager?

The manager develops the marketing plan and aligns it with the client’s business strategy. They are also responsible for directing customer demands to the relevant marketing specialists.

Who  are the marketing specialists?

They are professionals, registered with  MKT in Business, who work in several marketing areas, such as journalism, graphic design, web-design, social media and endomarketing etc.

We take care of your marketing needs,

 so you can focus on growing your business

How much do I need to invest?

It will depend on your goal. We have several packages, which are flexible and adaptable to each customer's situation. Contact us to discuss your requirements  and we can design a tailor-made package that suits your specific needs.

How do we deliver our services?

100% of our service delivery is conducted online. We communicate with our clients in a manner best suited to them and are always just a call, email or Skype conversation away, to exchange new ideas and discuss issues cropping up.

Do online services work? 

Yes!!. The main idea of ​​this business model is to be flexible and adaptable to each client’s specific circumstances. With this format, we  are able to engage professionals from anywhere in the world, offering a service of excellence with the advantage of the lowest costs.

What is the advantage of hiring MKT in Business? 

We take care of all areas of your marketing strategy, so you focus on expanding your business.

Still have questions? 

Contact us! We can schedule an online conversation without obligation!